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Published on 19-04-2020


           It's a little late but I would like to welcome all members to Nozeybucks (New & Old). Nozeybucks is modeled after Get Paid To Survey site which is why there is no advertising packages. There is only 3 ways for you to earn at this moment even though the "Earn Money" tab shows more. 

Active ways to Earn:

  • PTC Ads
  • Paid To Signup
  • Monthly Referral Contest

I will be activating peanutlabs soon Hopefully, I'm just waiting for them to contact me.

I will be adding OfferToro with in the next week or 2.

Offers4all will be add once Nozeybucks reach the necessary Alex ranking...reaching the necessary rank shoul take a week.

I plan on adding 3 more payment processors in the future. (Paykrill, Paysilk & Paytoo)

Nozeybucks is a United Stated based website so this means that I am unable to use Payeer or Perfect Money. I hope that one of the new processors that will be added will be a second option for you to use on this site instead of Payeer & Perfect Money.


All members please READ and FOLLOW the steps listen in each PTSU offer otherewise you will be rejected.

A limit has been put on the number of ads you are able to veiw daily.

The minimum payout has been increased for $3 to $5.


Thanks For joining Nozeybucks.

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